Ducray Shampoo Elution 200ml

Product Sku: 25122

Product information



The Elution shampoo is a heat-shampoo which was created to soothe and protect the scalp from external aggressions such as stress, pollution and the use of aggressive products for hair causing itching, stings and make the scalp Head sensitive.
The shampoo Elution with zinc gluconate thanks to its gentle cleansing base respects the sensitive scalp giving your hair shine, vitality, volume and health
The Elution shampoo can indicatively used in combination with the shampoo treatment, particularly after a period of anti-dandruff treatments, thereby contributing to the prevention of ypotropon.Echei very good tolerability.

Instructions: Use Ducray Shampoo Elution as often as needed. Apply gently massage and xeplenete.Ananeoste application letting it act for some minutes. Then rinse with water. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water.
Packing a 200 ml
Not to be used 12 months after opening
Prepared in France

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