Elgydium Promo Sensitive 75ml -50% At 2nd

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Toothpaste company Pierre Fabre.

The Elgydium Sensitive Teeth is gentle toothpaste, which has a very low coefficient of attrition, which shows great respect for the fragile surface of sensitive teeth. It Is a tooth cleaning gel that contains Fluorinol (hydrofluoride nicomethanol), a fluorescent molecule organic type a special patented by the laboratories of the company Pierre Fabre. The Fluorinol element binds rapidly and strongly to tooth enamel from the very first minute of tooth brushing and effectively protect sensitive teeth. Features flavored with mint composition, which leaves a pleasant and refreshing taste in the mouth.

Indications: The Elgydium Sensitive Teeth gives strong protection to sensitive teeth, while it is suitable for daily oral hygiene.

Use: You can use toothpaste Elgydium Sensitive Teeth for everyday brushing your teeth at least three times a day.

CAUTION! For children under 6 years of age, please do use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste, while overseeing the child brushing his teeth, to avoid the risk of ingestion. In case of concomitant intake of fluoride from other sources, seek the advice of your dentist before taking the Elgydium Sensitive Teeth.

The tube containing 75 ml of product. Promo is reduced by 50% the price of the second toothpaste.