Eviol B-Complex no gluten 60 Soft Caps

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Eviol B-Complex gluten 60 Soft Capsules

The vitamin B dietary supplements Eviol B-Complex 60 Soft Capsules no gluten contains the necessary and appropriate nutrients to release energy from food. It helps the body to cope with stressful situations and contribute to the normal and regular functioning of the nervous system. It contributes to normal homocysteine ​​metabolism as well as maintain the physiological condition of the hair and skin, helping to maintain a healthy heart. It contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.
It is ideal for people with stress, people with feeling tired, people with vitamin B12 and people who want to maintain the physiological condition of the skin and hair as it contains no gluten.

Instructions for use :
Apply by downloading a capsule every day after lunch.

60 soft capsules

Ingredients per softgel:
Vitamin B5: 18 mg, Biotin: 150 mg, Vitamin B3: 48 mg, Vitamin B1: 3.3 mg, Vitamin B12: 7.5 mg, Vitamin B2: 4.2 mg, Vitamin B6: 4.2 mg, Folic acid: 600 g

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