Super Health Mega B Complex 30 caps

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Super Health Mega B Complex 30 caps

Super Health Mega B Complex 30 capsfood supplement containing a complex of B vitamins. Helps the normal functioning of the nervous system, metabolism and strengthens the immune system

Super Health Mega B Complex 30 caps contains complex of vitamin B in combination with nutrients is the key to the vital body metabolism and the release of energy from food , while contributing significantly to the reduction of stress and fatigue. It is particularly helpful in maintaining the health of the nervous and digestive system and promotes healthy skin, hair and nails . The composition B - Complex of Super Health gives stable dose B vitamin complex well balanced , the right combination, for those who want the benefits of the whole range of B vitamins in an easy to swallow capsule

Content per cap

Vitamin B6 -- 50mg

Choline Bitartrate 41% Choline -- 30mg

Vitamin B1 -- 50mg

Pantothenic acid -- 50mg

Calcium -- 4.44mg

Vitamin B2 -- 50 mg

Vitamin B3 --50 mg

Magnesium ascorbate 6% Magnesium 83% vitamin C -- 40mg

Magnesium -- 2.89 mg

Inositol -- 30 mg

L-Glycine -- 30mg

Para Aminobenzoic Acid(PABA) -- 30 mg

Silicon Dioxide -- 2mg

Folic Acid -- 400mcg

Biotin Pure -- 0.20mg

Vitamin B12 -- 50mcg


1 cap per day with meal


Store in a shady and cool place, away from children. If you are pregnant, breast-feeding or taking medication  consult your doctor . It is not intended for the prevention or treatment of human disease.


30 caps

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