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St. John''s wort oil

The Hypericum perforatum (Hypericum perforatum) is well known since antiquity for their valuable therapeutic qualities and wide range of applications.

The oil is obtained because macerated fresh flowers at excellent quality organic green olive oil.

This is the famous ancient Spartans Balm.

Trempen Maria, in her book "Health from God''s Pharmacy", states: The oil of the Pro is a valuable medicine. There should be no missing home.

Analgesic, anti-inflammatory and healing is very effective for back pain and sciatica, and rheumatic pain each for aching joints and dropsy. For any injuries, recent or open, injuries, bruises and bruises, sprains, insect bites, burns, inflammation, ulcers, swellings. For cramps, grips and psyxeis, neuralgia and headaches.

We rubs rubbing or mild pain at the party. We can still apply local patches with a saturated gauze and wrap with a waterproof membrane.

The oil of St. John''s wort is also drinkable. It is highly recommended for ulcer, the colitis, painful digestion and sour stomach.

Drink half a teaspoon in the morning hungry and the evening before bedtime, and whenever a problem occurs. Recommended frequent small doses.

Perfect for any therapeutic or relaxing massage, can be enriched with essential oils, where appropriate, or combined with other oils (eg almond oil, avocado oil, etc.).

The oil of Hypericum is derived from welfare to Tinos, from wild (not grown) herbs Tinos athermic green olive oil.

100ml in glass bottle.

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