Fadopharm Inca Rose Crema Performance 50ml

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Face cream anti-aging.

This is a cream that you apply to the sensitive area of ​​your face and operated the first signs of aging. It covers fine lines developed in the area around the eyes and forehead area mainly, but also elsewhere in the face and neck.

Thanks to the innovative treatment, containing, based on the action of the microspheres of hyaluronic acid, very low molecular weight, fights the signs of aging and gives you skin healthy and youthful, full of freshness and vitality. The polymer hyaluronic acid is a natural component of skin, produced by fibroblasts, skin cells, and over time the amount of the body decreases. Has varied significantly high value functions such that holds moisture in the skin, repair tissues, absorbs shock and provides a protective barrier against microorganisms.

The Inca Rose Performance Cream provides reconstruction of skin lipids, fighting and simultaneously suppressing the action of free radicals. The composition is rich in vegetable oils and no greasy. Absorbs quickly and does not stick. Its use is appropriate for sensitive skin.

Contains 50 ml product.

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