Fadopharm Inca Rose Guanto Scrub & Peeling

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Glove to exfoliate the body.

These disposable gloves, which contributes to better exfoliate the body. The term "exfoliation" is associated with the skin rejuvenation. The skin on face and body needs peeling 1-2 times a week. The skin cells are renewed daily, continuously creating new, which dying, left on the skin surface. Dead these cells make the skin rough and dull.
Over time, as we age, the cell renewal process is reduced, which in turn requires more frequent exfoliation. Any exfoliating methods and any exfoliating products, as is the Inca Rose body exfoliating glove, help remove dead skin cells and provide the lost luster.

This exfoliating glove effectively contribute to the removal of old skin cells and allows the active ingredients to be absorbed, so that the skin to reconstruct and to regenerate. Considered ideal product for cell renewal. Thanks to the complex UGL, Acifructol and Hyaluronic acid, containing makes the skin more soft and provides shine and brightness, which is maintained for a long time.

CAUTION! Exfoliating Body should not be used on the face, as the skin of the face is more sensitive and requires specialized care and treatment.

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