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ALUDROPS PLUS 50ML Properties: Is oral solution hyaluronic acid with a high molecular weight which is completely absorbed and rapidly from the body. Lubricates and protects joints, cartilage and muscles preventing their deterioration and improve joint mobility.
> It offers anti-aging effects
> Offers deep hydration to the skin
> Increases skin elasticity and prevents the creation of new wrinkles
> Reduces visible deep wrinkles and fine lines
> Gives firmness / elasticity and youthful glow to the face
> The first drinking "Hyaluronic" in the Greek market and EU
For more reason to trust the Bio AluDrops?
> Quality & affordable price for citizens, because produced in Greece
> Pack of life 3 months
> Aimed at all ages
> Has the largest concentration of hyaluronic acid (12mg / mL), and high molecular weight (1.800.000 - 2.200.000 Da) compared with corresponding products on the market
> Rapid and complete absorption
> Only one dose a day provides maximum benefits of Hyaluronic acid
> With a natural and safe way to enhance the efficiency of the organization

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