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Regenerating cream specific action for Face & Body.
Protects, strengthens and provides elasticity to the skin, while soothing itching and irritation. Ideal for care and diabetic foot ulcers, to strengthen the weak skin for regeneration of the area of the neck and to prevent stretch marks. Suitable for pregnant women.
Other active ingredients:
Plant oxygonopoiimenoi esters special treatment with beneficial properties. Enhance the direct regeneration of the skin, providing soothing.
Dermonectin (Oligopeptides), Schizophylan (Polysaccharides)
They help to regenerate skin and stimulate the production of matrix, collagen and elastin.
Hyaluronic acid, allantoin, Glykeritiniko acid
Enhance the flexibility and ability of the skin wound. Increases hydration and strength of the skin.
avocado oil
Rich in vitamins and very beneficial to hydrate and nourish tired skin.
Vitamin E, Provitamin B5, Shea Butter
Moisturize and to the lower layers of the skin and nourish dehydrated or irritated skin.

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