Forte Pharma Energie Taurine Power 30 effervescent tablets

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The TAURINE POWER is a tonic rich in Taurine, which gives immediate energy with time, thanks to the synergy effect of stimulant ingredients.

Caffeine Taurine Vitamin C L-Carnitine Magnesium Vitamin B complex

Taurine is an amino acid produced naturally and by our organization, to give force and energy.

Caffeine is a known stimulant of the nervous system that encourages concentration and enhances muscle function.

Vitamin C provides quick energy to the body.

Carnitine is a source of cells.

The magnesium and B vitamins act on the balance of vitamins and minerals in the body by participating in energy metabolism and balance nerves.

Dosage: one effervescent tablet a day with a pleasant citrus flavor.

30 effervescent tablets


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