Frezyderm Baby Cream 175ml Protective and waterproof cream

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Gentle, waterproof protection cream for daily care in the femoral area after changing the diaper. It creates a protective barrier and isolates the skin from moisture and irritating secretions, heals the scratches and prevents the growth of microbes as it protects against debris.

Its composition is specifically designed for infants and contains a low percentage of zinc oxide, which reduces irritation and irritation, allowing the skin to have a smooth breathing function. It has a thin texture that easily spreads, creating a thin protective film without overloading the skin and removing it easily without causing irritation. Enriched with chamomile oil that has strong soothing and anti-inflammatory action and panthenol for regeneration and healing of the skin.
Dermatologically tested

Change diaper to infants
Scarring (intense erythema that occurs in the femoral region due to the sensitivity of infant skin that is stimulated by secretions, diarrhea, friction with diaper or inappropriate diaper, and poor hygiene.)


In clean and dry skin, apply the protective cream thoroughly to the baby''s throat area, then secure the clean diaper.

For εχτερναλ use only.
Keep it in a shady, cool place, away from children.



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