Froika AC Cream Extra, 30ml

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The gentle exfoliating Action of Froika AC Cream Extra regenerates the skin by drastically removing dead cells. The combination of active ingredients with intense sebum and antimicrobial action gives a matte effect.It takes care of persistent imperfections, discolorations, blemishes and scars while lessening the remaining marks in adolescents and adults. The skin becomes radiant, smooth and smooth.
Suitable as a makeup base.

Exfoliating Care Cream, oily skin, acne prone skin and imperfections (pustules, comedones), enlarged pores – intense sheen, redness-inflammatory conditions, severe imperfections, scars, discoloration and chromatic disparity

Apply the Froika AC Cream Extra once or twice a day on clean and dry skin.

Active ingredients
-X-Pressin 3%
-10-Hydroxydecanoic acid, Sebacic acid & Decanediol
-Ethyl Linoleate

For external use only.
Store in a shady and cool place, away from children.

Airless bottle of 30 ml for longer product life.

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