Froika AC Tinted Cream SPF20 30ml

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The AC Tinted Cream offers perfect matte appearance and silky texture, suitable for mixed / oily skin with an acne-like tendency. It offers 24 hour coverage, homogeneity in color and a perfectly natural result. It leaves the skin flaky, hydrated and bright.

√ 24 hour coverage
√ Helps remove imperfections
√ Absorbs excess sebum
√ Smoothes the scars due to acne
√ Enhances color homogeneity
√ Airless packaging for longer life, without oxidation, contamination and residues

Coating cream with color
♦ Imperfections
♦ Mixed / oily skin, acne-prone skin
♦ Inflammation - redness
♦ Expanded resources - gloss
♦ Dychromas and lack of color uniformity

Apply AC Tinted Cream after your daily treatment of AC TINTED Cream to dry and clean skin.

For external use only.
Keep it in a shady, cool place, away from children.
Do not use after 12 months of first opening.

Content - Packaging
250 ml

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