Froika Anti-Dandruff DS Shampoo (Oily Dandruff) 200ml

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Froika Anti-Dandruff DS Shampoo (Oily Dandruff) 200ml

This shampoo helps control oily dandruff. Presented with sticky greasy form and is intertwined with the existence seborrhea.
Reduces seborrhea and regulates secretion of sebum until the correct functioning of the skin.

Oily Dandruff
► Seborrheic dermatitis
► Itching - Redness - Inflammation
► Severe exfoliative conditions

Prevents creation scales
■ Reduces and controls seborrhea sebogeneration
■ maintain and restore the health and normal function of the skin
■ both soothes itching and irritation of the skin

♦ A combination of anti-dandruff agents Piroctone Olamine with Undecylenic acid polypeptide with strong activity against fungi Malassezia Furfur.
♦ Vitamins B against smigmatogenesis
♦ soothing and antipruritic agents (Allantoin, licorice)

With gentle, non-irritating cleansing base that does not dry and restores the natural balance of the scalp.
Formulated without: Sles, Paraben.

Content: 200 ml
Do not use Froika Anti-Dandruff DS Shampo 12 months after its opening
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