Froika Froisept Gel, 30ml

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Froisept Gel is an active oxygen oral gel for complete cleansing and protection of the oral cavity with the action of Active Oxygen. Moisturize, exfoliate & relieve stomach mucosa thanks to the action of hyaluronic acid. Froisept Gel comes into contact with tissues and releases active oxygen that helps mechanically remove food debris and excess tissue from gums, teeth, intercostal areas, implants, orthodontic supports and artificial teeth. Prevents the formation of caries, gingivitis and periodontitis & protects against plaque formation.

Active Oxygen Oral Gel, Oral Ulcers, Gingivitis, Periodontitis, Hygiene of orthodontic appliances and implants, Dental treatments, Dental procedures, Aphthous, Dentures, Dry mouth.

Instructions for use
Apply a small amount of Froisept Gel on your finger and apply over the affected area or apply directly from the tube 4 times a day as directed by your dentist. Allow the gel to act for 5 minutes and then squeeze. No need to rinse with water.

For oral use only.
Keep it in a shady and cool place away from children.
Do not use after twelve months after its first opening.

With Stevia
Suitable for homeopathy, pregnant & diabetic

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30 ml

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