Froika Scar Gel SPF 50+, 30ml

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Silicone sunscreen with SPF 50+ protection against scarring. An innovative mix of silicones with elastomers that creates a waterproof, elastic, sunscreen, protective film on the skin. Improves the appearance of old scars and prevents the creation of new ones, acting drastically in the following ways:
♦ Disrupts accumulation in the scar tissue of collagen fibrils
♦ Prevents entry of bacteria and impurities into the scar area, leaving the air to penetrate.

Sunscreen Scar Gel SPF 50+ helps maintain skin moisture and offers extremely high sun protection against UVA & UVB irradiation.

Sun protection scars.
Scars exposed to the sun (accidents, surgeries, burns, acne etc.)
Atrophic scars
Hypertrophic scars, keloids
Over-scarring scars
Scars on face and body that are difficult to use silicone sheets

The use of SCAR GEL SPF 50+ may begin immediately after complete wound healing and never in open wounds. Use twice a day on dry and clean skin one hour before sun exposure. When externals for a long time every 2 hours, refresh it.

For external use only.
Keep it in a shady, cool place, away from children.
Do not use after twelve (12) months from first opening.

30 ml

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