Froika Ultralift Rich Cream 40ml

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Froika Ultralift Rich Cream 40ml

Indication: Anti-aging & firming, dry skin

Tightening cream
with hyaluronic acid Ultralift Rich Cream is suitable for day and night and provides the skin visible effect permanent liftng.
It is suitable for the treatment of skin appearance and against a strong wrinkles, fine lines, deep folds, tightening and loss of brilliance.
Features airless packaging for the full protection of the product (for durability without oxidation, contaminants and residues after use, no contact with microorganisms or air).

• Rehabilitate and enhance the contour of the cheeks, jaw and chin.
• Tightens the skin relaxing the face and neck.
• Smooths wrinkles and smoothes imperfections.

Key ingredients & benefits
• Cell culture from alpine plant edelweiss: gives anti-wrinkle action and long-term tightening.
• Anti-aging enzyme X-Pressin: strong antioxidant and regenerative properties.
• Vegetable macromolecule Suberin: very near lifting.

Apply to clean, dry skin morning and evening, on face, neck and neck. After 10 minutes you can apply sunscreen PROTECTION, the make-up or skin care cream.

Keep Froika Ultralift Rich Cream in a cool, dark place away from children.

Content: 40ml

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