Froika Xerodent Mouthwash 250ml

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XeroDENT Mouthwash, moisturizing mouthwash, anti-plaque, irritation of the gums and the symptoms of dry mouth from FROICA.

The mouthwash, XERODENT MOUTHWASH, perform the following key actions: Moisturizing, Epilipantiki, healing, antiseptic. The key components of the solution:
> Xylitol, which helps to increase the flow of saliva and reduce caries activity of microbes.
> The hyaluronic acid: has strong wetting action while fostering healing and regeneration of soft tissues thus helping to combat inflammation and irritation of the gums.
> The combination of chlorhexidine and Cetylpyridinium chloride, for the control of dental plaque is the primary cause of periodontal diseases.
> The Fluoride and Calcium to reinforce and epanasvestiosi enamel.

It contains no alcohol, and contains sodium chloride. It is recommended to use as undiluted.
The XERODENT MOUTHWASH, has a pleasant taste and gives a fresh breath. Recommended combined use with toothpaste XERODENT and saliva substitute XERODENT gel.

HOW TO USE: Use XERODENT MOUTHWASH, undiluted, 1-2 times daily after brushing. Fill the special measuring cup included in the box with 10 ml solution and then washes the mouth for 30 seconds, insisting particularly on the teeth points not reached by the toothbrush.

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