Gum activital Sonic 4110 Soft replacement heads, 2pcs

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The replacement heads of toothbrush Gum activital Sonic Cleanse your teeth gently, for a daily healthy oral care.
Ultra-thin hairs gently penetrate into all fissures-including interdental areas and below the gum line-to remove plaque without the annoying damage of ordinary hair.
The unsurpassed pattern of tassel is clinically designed for deeper cleansing between the teeth and along the gum line to prevent the development of periodontal disease triangular designed tassels to fit the hairs between the teeth Where periodontal disease comes from.
Rectangular designed tassels for superior cleaning of the gum line and to massage gums

Replacement heads, oral care, teeth cleaning.
Hardness type: soft.

To replace the brush head: Holding the base, pull the head out into the base and press down. It is recommended to change the head every 3 months or less if wear is observed. Use only with toothbrush * with battery Gum activital Sonic (4100).
It is recommended that you brush your teeth after each meal.

For dental use only.
Store the Activital Sonic Gum heads in a shady and cool place, away from children.

Manufactured in China

* Does not include the toothbrush Gum activital Sonic (4100)

Blister pack with 2 spare pieces (heads).

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