Hansaplast Sensitive XXL 8x10cm, 5pcs

Product Sku: 25457

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Sensitive XL - Sterile: for the protection of medium and large wounds, such as cuts and abrasions. Suitable after minor surgery.

Friendly with skin
Since soft, air-permeable material which adheres firmly and does not cause pain upon removal.

Antibacterial silver
Special antiseptic gauze with silver ions that is continuously released during wound healing. Clinical studies show that silver kills harmful microbes and reduces the likelihood of contamination.

Clean the wound and gently pat dry. Apply without stretch. The use of additional formulations might decrease antiseptic silver or intervene in it. Do not use when you have wounds inflamed or infected, allergy to silver or argyriasi. Keep in a cool, dry place. Sterile product unless the package has been damaged, opened or are past the expiration date.

Made in Thailand
Packing: 5 packs with dimensions 8 x 10 cm each in paper recyclable packaging

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