Health Aid Aloe Vera 5000mg 30Caps

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Aloe Vera 5000mg

Miracle purifying plant

The Aloe Vera of HealthAid, plant health , used for centuries for inner and outer beauty because of its proven beneficial properties. Usable internal harmony and gives protection to the intestine , reflecting brightness in appearance . Is a natural detoxifier digestive helps bowel regularity and absorption of proteins.

Also helps to reduce and eliminate general problems Gastrointestinal and is a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals in the body. The capsules of Aloe Vera is specially formulated with concentrated aloe fresh , hermetically sealed in the capsule .

Note :
The supplements are not a substitute for a balanced diet Keep in a cool and dry place , Keep away from children Do not exceed the recommended daily dose , consult your doctor if you are pregnant , nursing, taking medication .

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