Health Aid Omega 3 - 6 - 9 60Caps

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Fish Oil with Borage Oil & Olive

Triple combination for full coverage in Omega fatty

The Omega 3 • 6 • 9 HealthAid contains the ideal ratio of essential fatty acids , high purity , beneficial for cardiovascular health , brain functions and development. The Omega 3 and 6 can not be synthesized by the body and are recruited only from the diet and where it is deficient by dietary supplements. The Omega 9 help the smooth texture and consistency of the skin to dry and cracked skin and even psoriasis . • Suitable for Support to the healthy functioning of all body systems ( cardiovascular, nervous , reproductive , etc. ) .

• Stimulation of immune function to treat infection and inflammation .

• People who want to prevent or avoid diseases of aging .

• To stimulate brain functions and maintain active lifestyles .

Note :
The supplements are not a substitute for a balanced diet Keep in a cool and dry place , Keep away from children Do not exceed the recommended daily dose , consult your doctor if you are pregnant , nursing, taking medication .

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