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The Whey Protein of Healthia is top in its class whey protein (whey) and provides over 21g of protein per dose.

Vanilla taste
Made from high quality whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate. Used only top quality certified milk without hormones and antibiotics by European and British cows raised on grass in their natural environment.
100% non-genetically modified (non GMOs).
It is a delicious drink easy and fast to prepare.

The Ultra Whey Protein is ideal for people who want:
increase their daily intake (quality) protein
♦ an easy and readily bioavailable source of high quality protein for after training
♦ to increase or maintain their muscle mass-volume
♦ muscle recovery and reconstruction after an intense workout
♦ maintaining muscle mass during lineage program

Per 30g dose corresponding 21.4g protein, with only 4.2g carbohydrates
The specific product at all or in part of it has not come into contact with a product / products which are banned by the IOC (International Olympics Committee). However, it has been given to certification by the target audience.

Whey protein concentrate & Whey protein isolate (contains soy lecithin), Flavouring, Maltodextrin (bulking agent), Gum arabic (emulsifier), Sucralose (sweetener)

About Allergies: Contains whey and soy.
Suitable for vegetarians.
Not tested on animals

Nutrition information per 30g dose
Energy-503kJ / 118kcal, Protein-21.4g, Carbohydrate-4.2g (of which sugar 1.7g), Fat-1.7g (of which saturates-1.0g), Sodium-0.05g, Salt equivalent-0.12g

Add a one serving (scoop 25g-30g) in a large glass of water, milk, juice, kefir, ariani or other liquid. Stir with a fork or mixer.
Take 1 hour before workout, 45 minutes after training or during the day as a tasty beverage, snack or as a brunch.

Packaging and doses:
600g namely 20-24 doses

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