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The x-treme lypolisis, is a product belonging to the category of dietary supplements helthia company. It is ideal for strengthening the human metabolism and is aimed at weight loss. The uniqueness of the product because it combines 10 powerful allies that help the human weight loss and a sharp increase in metabolism, thermogenesis and radical detoxification.
About ingredients containing: rasberry ketones: are called raspberries. Raspberries contain high levels of ketones, as well, besides the wonderful aroma with, their contribution is crucial in increasing the metabolism and burning fat. Because of the intense antioxidant profiles are ideal for reducing inflammation in adipocytes and contributes to a drastic reduction of the appearance of orange peel on the relevant body areas women displayed cellulite. African mango To African mango is a revolutionary slimming product with growing demand, especially in America. Within the category of superfoods. It is one of the fruits that became known because of its beneficial properties, the famous physician Dr Oz. Another property of, beyond weight loss, throws and prices cholesterol. Grapefruit extract: Causes increase metabolism, maximizes the burning of the body, reduces retention and bloating, neutralizes free radicals, helps to detoxify and gives energy. Other ingredients: Green Tea, Seaweed Kelp, Resveratol, Acai Berry, Acai Berry, apple cider vinegar, Caffeine Anhydrous, Capsule gelatin, Microcrstalline Cellulose.
Instructions: Take 1 capsule 3 times a day, preferably with or after a meal.

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