Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp from 5 to 7 kg (23-25cm)

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Λάμπα από Αλάτι Ιμαλαΐων Φυσικό σχήμα 5-7kg (23-25cm)


The Himalayan Salt lamp is hand carved, and each lamp is unique. It increases on a daily basis our physical, mental and spiritual well-being due to the negative ions produced by the lamp, and they clean the air by blocking pollution, reducing dust, pollen and other atmospheric pollutants.

The Himalayan Salt lamp is a natural source of clean, fresh & healthy air. So aesthetic, its natural and raw look blends harmoniously with all types of interior decoration. It is made entirely of natural Himalayan salt crystal, emitting a candle light.

Way of use

Put the Himalayan Salt lamp in a place without moisture, dry and ventilated place. No Contact With Water.

The advantages:

- Himalayan salt lamp.

- Handmade.

- Wooden base.

Diameter: from 16 to 19 cm
Material: Himalayan salt crystal.
Contents: lamp, point with electrical part
Weight: from 5 to 7 kg
Packaging: individual box
Height: from 26 to 29 cm


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