Hipp Organic Vegetable Cultivation Variety 190g

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Assorted vegetables HiPP Organic Farming
Suitable for use after the 4th month

The stamp "Bio" of Hipp guarantees top quality and exceed EU standards for organic products.

Ensures safe and your baby''s balanced diet

It does not contain: salt, flavors, preservatives, colorants, thickeners and milk.
Regulates intestinal function
Contains Omega 3 fatty acids are extremely beneficial for brain and nerve cells, also contains rapeseed whose reception consists of the Research Institute of Child Nutrition
It does not include the ingredients of perfumes, dyes, preservatives and thickeners
The ingredients are steamed to preserve their nutritional qualities.
They do not contain gluten.

Ingredients: Vegetables * 73% (* carrots, potatoes * * cauliflower, peas *), water, kramvelaiao * 1.2%
* Organic production

HiPP Vegetable Variety Organic Farming has been produced by a unit of Hipp-neutral energy balance CO2, thanks to renewable energies and to support environmental protection activities worldwide.

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