Holle Baby Muesli 6 months 250gr

Product Sku: 14161

Product information



For organic baby creams Holle''s house treating foods with care to provide a palatable and suitable for infant outcome. The starch grains thoroughly degraded with heat and humidity and therefore more easily utilized by the infant. Thanks to the use of whole grain retained highly nutritious and active elements of the germ.


whole wheat (82%), oats (7%), organic fruits (10% - banana powder, apple into pieces, raspberry powder), rice, whole grains, vitamin B1.

Important information:

1. Follow the way of preparation. The correct dose in the infant offers everything the nutrients it needs.
2. Be prepared fresh cream whenever neou.Min reused by the cream was not consumed immediately.
3. Do not let the child be chewing the bottle to help protect teeth from decay.
4. Do the hot cream in microwave oven (risk of overheating).