Intermed Slim Fix 500ml

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Intermed Slim Fix 500ml

Intermed Slim Fix 500ml liquid sweetener instead of sugar with stevia. Unique composition with 0 calories without altering the taste. It is suitable not only for iced but also for hot drink
Intermed Slim Fix sweetener liquid 500ml is suitable for everyone who is on diet, as well as for those who do not consume sugar.It contains steviol glucosides from the stevia plant.

  • Zero Calories
  • Suitable for people with diabetes and for those who are on diet
  • It doesn't alter taste
  • No dillution needed

1 Serving= 1 Press=1 Sugar


Press the pump and turn it

Ingredients :

Water, Saccharin sodium, potassium acesulfame, stevia glycosides, sorbic acid, sodium hydroxide.


Slim fix is ​​a product that helps on a balanced diet. It should be consumed within 3 months. After opening, it should be stored in an upright position. Keep in a cool and dry place.

Package 500ml

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