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It grows in sandy, hard, cold and dry soil of Siberian hillside. Can be effective for improving mood and alleviating depression. Pilot studies in humans have shown that it improves physical and mental performance, and can reduce fatigue. The Russians are using it for centuries to cope with the cold weather. The medical use dates back to the Greek physician Dioscorides (77 BC). According to tradition, can increase the strength, longevity, sexual vigor and learning ability. The first scientific studies to support these applications came from Russia and Scandinavia in the 60s.

Disease and Depression: The Soviet researchers have studied repeatedly psychotonotikes capabilities of Rhodiola rosea. In one such study, 64% of cases improved the symptoms of depression.

Power: Increases strength and endurance exercise and reduce recovery times after intense exercise.

Pressure situations: according to a recent study of Armenian (2000) which includes 56 doctors working night shifts in long-term, daily use of Rhodiola, more than two weeks significantly improved learning ability (memory, mental arithmetic, concentration, visual and auditory perception) despite the stress and fatigue. In a Russian study in which students give exams, daily over 20 days significantly improved the well-being and physical fitness by reducing fatigue and students have achieved better results


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