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John''s Easy Step Foot Care Hallux Valgus 1 Pair


Easy Step Foot Care Hallux Valgus, Day & Night Splint 1 Pair, Ref: 17310

Functional splint day and night.
It is designed to restore the foot valgus deformity.
It offers relief from pain in the bunion *.
It is easily adaptable to almost any type of shoe.
Reduces post-operative recovery time.
The package included a pair of one size which can be used in both legs both men and women.

The shank (valgus great finger) is a deflection where the big toe leg leaning outwardly while the first metatarsal is again inwardly by projecting inwardly of the head (bunion).
The condition is more common in women than in men and is associated with genetic predisposition. Implicated and shoes that are narrow at the front and forcing compress outwardly (to the second) the big toe.

ATTENTION: Due to the nature of the product, returns are not accepted in this product

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