Juschek Vitamin D self test

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Juschek Vitamin D self test

Juschek Vitamin D self test that easily and directly measures the adequacy of vitamin D in the body. You take the sample and in just 10 minutes you have the result without having to attend to a microbiological laboratories

Vitamin D contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system as it is a natural shield against various diseases such as: the common cold, the flu, covid-19, osteoporosis, diabetes, etc.

Juschek Vitamin D self test :

  • Easy to use
  • You test yourself everywhere
  • Fast results in 10 minutes
  • Blood sample
  • Suitable for all those who need to know the level of vitamin D in the blood

How to use Juschek Vitamin D self test :

1. Open the cassette where you will put the sample. Note that the sample must be taken immediately from the moment it is opened.

2. Sterilize your finger with the alcohol pad 



3. Pierce the tip of the sterilized finger with the lancet



4. Squeeze gently in order to come out a drop of blood



5. Receive the drop of blood with the Capillary Dropper. There is no need to squeeze it. Draw blood to fill the line 



6. Squeeze the bulb to release blood at the S part



7. Apply to 2 drops of buffer at the B part



8. Read the results in 10 minutes 




  • The red line at C means the the test is valid 
  • The brighter the red line on the T mark, it means there is a lack in vitamin D
  • If the red line does not appear at all on the T mark, it means that there is no lack of vitamin D




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