Korres Silicone Teats Medium Flow

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Korres Silicone Teats Medium Flow

Korres Silicone Teats Medium Flow,super soft teat suitable for wid-neck korres feedind bottles.Suitable for babies over 3 months.2 teats contained 

Korres Silicone Teats Medium Flow are specially designed for Korres feeding bottles for infants over 3 months.They are very soft in order to offer a natural feeling to the baby. They have an anti-colic valve as well as an orthodontic mechanism

How to Use 

Prepare the food according to the specifications of each product. Then pull and check the teat for signs in order to avoid any risk of swallowing or drowning by the baby. Every 2 months replace it with new one for safety reasons.Check the bottle for scratches or breaks due to high food temperature. The bottle should always be used under adult supervision to avoid any risk of injury


Check the temperature of food before feeding. Pay attention to the product components as well as to attached parts such as ropes, ribbons, cords and other decorations that may decorate the product.Do not use the nipple.The product should always be used under adult supervision.


2 teats

Made in Greece


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