korres Vanilla Cinnamon 250 ml

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Enjoyable as toffee

Wash with moisturizing effect , ideal for everyday use. Wheat proteins form a protective film on the skin, maintaining hydration levels .

Wheat Proteins :

The wheat [Triticum vulgare], as evidenced by numerous archaeological finds young as twelve thousand years , is the second [ first with barley ] plant cultivated man . The tremendous nutritional importance today and the ease with which thrives in a wide variety of soils and climates , have the effect of cultivation occupies an area of ​​more Awards than any other plant. The wheat proteins retain moisture within the skin .

Aloe :

Aloe [Aloe vera] is ​​a pachyfyto originating from the African continent and is now grown in many countries of the world for the precious broth containing fleshy leaves . The use of the drug is ancient , as already described in Egyptian papyrus from 1600 BC , while the healing, cleansing and other properties accurately describes the famous pharmacologist of the ancient world , Dioscorides . With external application , aloe heals wounds and burns , stimulates cell regeneration and displays significant moisturizing , softening and soothing action .

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