L' Erbolario Cocco Organic Coconut Oil 50ml

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L' Erbolario Cocco Organic Coconut Oil for Face, Hair, and Body 50ml. L' Erbolario Cocco Organic Coconut Oil is a multifunctional beauty product that offers natural care for the face, hair, and body. With its rich composition of organic coconut oil, it provides hydration, nourishment, and rejuvenation to all skin surfaces.

Main Features:

  • Multifunctional Organic Coconut Oil for Face, Hair, and Body
  • Suitable for Daily Use
  • Moisturizes, Nourishes, and Rejuvenates Skin and Hair
  • Natural Care without Chemical Additives
  • 50ml Packaging for Easy Use and Travel


  1. Face Cleansing with Coconut Oil: Its gentle texture and deep moisturizing action make it ideal for cleansing the face from impurities and makeup, leaving the skin soft and hydrated.

  2. Hair Hydration with Organic Coconut Oil: Apply a small amount to the hair for immediate hydration and rejuvenation. Perfect for combating dryness and damaged hair.

  3. Natural Body Care with Coconut Oil: Apply gently all over the body for soft and hydrated skin. Its natural composition is suitable for all skin types.

  4. Facial and Body Hydration with Coconut Oil: Its rich moisturizing action is perfect for rejuvenating and nourishing the skin on both the face and body.


  • Pure Organic Coconut Oil: Rich in antioxidants and moisturizing ingredients that nourish and restore the skin and hair.
  • Plant Oils: Enhance the natural protection and hydration of the skin and hair.

Usage Instructions:

  • Apply a small amount to the face, hair, or body.
  • Massage gently until the oil is fully absorbed.
  • Use daily for optimal results.

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