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LACUREX is an ointment with strong moisturizing and moderate keratolytic effects. It is specially formulated for the management of moderate endogenous or acquired xerosis ( dry skin ) and hyperkeratosis.

LACUREX ointment presents a unique powerful combination of active ingredients:

Ammonium lactate - Enhanced Moisturizing / Keratolytic Action

Urea -     Strong Moisturizing Action

Panthenol - Moisturizing / Anti-inflammatory / Epithelializing Actions

A-Bisabolol - Anti-inflammatory Action

Nicotinamide -     Restoration of normal skin barrier function

These properties make it an ideal treatment option for rough elbows and dry - “cracked” heels.

LACUREX ointment is recommended for the management of moderate xerosis and hyperkeratotic conditions:

Xerosis / hyperkeratosis on feet, elbows, palms
Xerosis of the elderly people ( senile xerosis )
Xerosis due to chronic venous insufficiency ( stasis dermatitis )
Xerosis related to endocrine and metabolic disorders (hypothyroidism, etc)
Xerosis related to atopic dermatitis / neurodermatitis
Keratosis Pilaris
Psoriasis ( On maintenance basis, to prevent relapse after treatment with RAXAL cream )
Adjunctive to topical corticosteroids therapy ( under physician supervision )
(Minimizing Topical Corticosteroid – Induced Cutaneous Side Effects: A Supplement to Skin and Allergy News: Vol. 39: No. 11: Nov. 2008:

The ointment base of LACUREX is specially designed to penetrate rough skin, without leaving a “greasy” feeling, and restores the normal skin barrier function. On the other hand, the synergistic action of Ammonium lactate – Urea complex is highly efficient in dry skin management.

Apply to affected skin twice daily, or as directed by a physician. Rub in until completely absorbed.

For preventive purposes only it should not be administrated to children under 3 years old.

LACUREX ointment is available in 150ml plastic tubes.

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