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120mg of concentrated standardised extract.
This versatile root has an incredible range of applications that have proved useful to mankind. Ginger is known to be a carminative, which means that it can help release excessive gases from the digestive system.
Some practitioners have found that ginger is useful for other gastrointestinal complaints, such as the discomfort in the upper abdomen experienced by some people after eating.
More recently Ginger has been used as an aid to headache sufferers*; possibly as a result of its mild blood-thinning properties and is soaring in popularity with practitioners for use in helping maintain healthy joints.
At Lamberts®, we use a standardised extract that has the active ingredients of ginger concentrated down to a dark rich paste that is dissolved into sunflower oil and supplied in capsules.
Using this method ensures that the active constituents such as the gingeroles and zingerone are preserved.
It takes over 14 grams of fresh ginger root to produce 120mg of ginger extract, the amount found in just one of our capsules!

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