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(as Citrate)
Dietary deficiency of iron is the most prevalent mineral deficiency in the world today according to World Health Organisation sources.
All ages and both sexes are at risk, but especially women of child-bearing age. In the UK official data shows that 89% of young women have a daily intake of iron which is less than the RNI of 14.8mg.
This reflects the move towards vegetarian diets and declining intakes of red meat. Consuming a diet low in iron will eventually lead to depletion of iron stores in the body, although the body will tend to maintain iron levels at the expense of other body systems.
This product presents iron as citrate to aid its absorption and utilisation and there have been very few reports of the constipation problems that can be caused by ferrous sulphate supplements.
This is important as patient compliance is essential when supplementing with iron since replenishing depleted iron stores can take several months.

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