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Lamberts Turmemoric is a dietary supplement containing an innovative combination of Micronutrients. More analytically it offers (at the recommended daily dose):
► 500mg Titlodotimenoy Root Extract turmeric, which makes Lamberts turmemoric as one of the strongest turmeric products circulating in england. The curcumin that contains the turmeric, gives him the characteristic yellow color in the spice and has been the subject of extensive studies in the science of nutrition in recent Years. The turmemoric turmeric root extract yields guaranteed 95% CURCUMINOIDS.
► High quantity of the two most important carotenoids: Loytein and zeaxanthin, are found in abundance in fruits and green vegetables. They are not prepared by the body, so they must be taken through food or food supplements.
► 500 μg of vitamin B12 that helps * the smooth functioning of the nervous system and the physiological psychological function. (* European Regulation 432/2012)
► 5MG of zinc, which helps * in the normal cognitive function (* European regulation 432/2012)
► Standardized (as 7.5:1) Rosemary extract suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
National Organization of Medicines Notification Number: 28511/22.03.2018


Dietary supplement, Memory boost, Concentration.

Take two tablets turmemoric a day (1 tablet morning and 1 in the Evening) half an hour after eating or on the recommendation of your doctor or Pharmacist.

Store in a shady and cool place, away from Children.
Not be taken by pregnant or nursing Women.

Manufactured in the United Kingdom according to strict standards of GMP (Pharmaceutical Gmp) pharmaceuticals.

60 tablets

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