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High potency ginkgo, cinnamon and ginger.
There are thought to be over 10 million sufferers of cold hands and feet in the UK (even in the summer months) with women being affected 9 times more than men so a natural approach to helping peripheral circulation is welcomed by many practitioners.
VeinTain® is a revolutionary two pronged approach to helping peripheral circulation:
1) The dilatation of blood vessels:
Ginkgo biloba helps maintain blood flow to the extremities by encouraging the blood vessels to remain open. Lamberts® VeinTain® is a high strength product that provides the right potency of ginkgo and the correct ratio of actives. Two tablets provide a full 6000mg (as 120mg extract) of ginkgo that studies have confirmed as an effective dose.
2) The thermogenic effect
The two spices, ginger and cinnamon, are thought to increase thermogenesis thereby stimulating body functions such as the circulation, and enhancing blood flow throughout the body. VeinTain® contains both spices in extract form to ensure the active constituents are present. To further preserve the special volatile compounds found in ginger and cinnamon, we specifically chose to produce VeinTain® in tablet form.

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