Landerx Polar Ice Analgesic Gel 226gr Joint Pain

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The Polar ice is a gel that has as its active ingredient mint (known for its results from the time of Hippocrates). It is effective for pain from whatever whatever ''cause you came. The outer coating of the product creates in the "cold" that lasts minutes. Because of this, activate the mechanism to balance the body temperature by vasodilatation of the deep vessels, thus increasing blood circulation and thus the detoxification and relaxation of muscles and thus reduce the absorption of pain and inflammation.

It has a pleasant odor disappears in minutes.

Not stain clothes, leaves no oily feeling.

Spreads easily without rubbing.

A small amount covers a large area.

The Polar ice is effective.

For anyone suffering from whatever source it comes from.

In acute and chronic pain.

In muscle aches, joints, ligaments such as back pain, neck syndrome, acute and chronic arthritis, bruises, contusions, edema, hematoma, arthritic pains, sprains, tendonitis, tennis elbow, etc.

In numbness resulting from poor blood circulation in the legs.

In pain from varicose veins and varicose veins.

The absorption of edema of the limbs.

It is also ideal in case inhalations runny and spreads for sore throat.

Ideal for application to athletes.

Before a workout or race (for warm up).

Drastically reduces the chances of injury.

It facilitates the removal of extremely kamatogonon substances (lactic acid) and thus avoid cramps, the aches of muscles, fractures and sprains.


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