Vican Varidoc Arnica Repair Gel 100ml

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Vican Varidoc Arnica Repair Gel 100ml

Varidoc Arnica Repair Gel is a gel with Arnica Montana for external use on stressed areas of the body. Suitable for bruises, swellings and muscle pains from knocks, sprains & strains.

With its special formula, it fights swelling, tension, burning sensations and itching.

With active ingredients Arnica tincture 30%, calendula, aloe, allantoin and nettle extract and the innovative X-cool factor, the skin acquires extra care, deep hydration, immediately the cool feeling and relaxation that lasts for a long time. Combine it with the Varidoc Relaxing Gel for better results

Varidoc Arnica Repair Gel has been dermatologically tested on sensitive skin

How We Use It

We apply Varidoc Arnica Repair Gel 2-3 times a day with light massage movements on the affected areas. It should not enter an open wound.

Action for external use only.

It is stored in an area without moisture and not at high temperatures.

Suitable for children over 3 years old.

In a tube of 100 ml

Greek product

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