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For healthy hair and skin
Supplement with Brewers Yeast, Vitamins B1, B2 & Biotin.
The Yeast is a valuable food product as it provides the body high in protein (46%) and carbohydrates (36%) and vitamins B2, B1 and biotin which contribute to normal metabolism for energy production as well as the smooth functioning nervous system.
Furthermore, vitamin B2 helps to reduce fatigue and maintain the vision and together with biotin to help maintain healthy skin. Biotin also helps to maintain good condition of hair.
Table Nutritional Analysis
Nutritional Information Per 6 Tablets% RDA Content
Energy 6,48kcal (27,48kJ)
Proteins 0,84 g
carbohydrates 0,66g
Fats 0,06g
Yeast 1800mg -
Vitamin B2 1,272mg 91
Vitamin B1 0,216mg 20
Biotini 45mg 90
* RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance.
Benefits of Use
To maintain healthy hair, nails and skin as well as the smooth functioning of the nervous system.
Recommended for
Cases of skin conditions such as acne and hair loss but also in people with increased energy needs such as athletes and exercisers. Also in nursing suggested by physicians as deemed galaktagogo action. Also used to enhance appetite (intake after meals) and diets for weight loss (intake before meals).
Packing form;
• 200 tablets in a glass bottle.
• 400 tablets in a glass bottle.
proposed posology
2 tablets with each main meal, ie. 6 tablets per day
Brewer''s yeast, microcrystalline cellulose, vitamin B2, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, biotin.
Contains no: sugar, preservatives
Pregnant / Nursing: Consult your doctor.
Children: Consult your doctor.
Diabetics: It contains no sugar.
Vegetarians: Suitable for vegetarians.
Special Precautions: No special precautions.
Product notified to the EMEA: 49714 / 5.6.14

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