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No matter how well your children brush their teeth, microbes will always be left behind. For this reason Listerine created the Listerine Smart Rinse With alcohol-free and sugar-free composition and extremely mild taste, it allows children to entertaine their oral hygiene from a very early age as it drifts and paints the residues that omits brushing, revealing in the sink the result.
- Contains fluoride which strengthens teeth and reduces caries by up to 40% more than brushing alone.
- Treats harmful bacteria, a root cause of plaque and gingivitis.
- It reaches all over the mouth, teeth, tongue and gums. It draws and paints the remnants of the food that still remains after brushing, revealing to your children the effect on the sink.
Suitable for children over 6 years old.

Oral solution, children over 6 years of age.
Taste: Mild berry

Use listerine Smart Rinse after brushing teeth twice a day, morning and evening. Empty 10 ml (2 tablespoons 5 ml) into a glass, stoop for 60 seconds and spit. To avoid ingestion, supervise your children when using it.

For oral use only.
Keep it in a shady and cool place, away from children.
Do not use after twelve (12) months after its first opening.

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250 ml

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