Macrovita Multi Effective Night Cream Olive & Argan 50ml

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Face cream night of Macrovita.

The Multi-Effective Night Cream series Olive and Argan a night cream for face with multiple action. nourishes the skin and provides rich, enhanced hydration that lasts a long time. Restructures the skin, while intensify and accelerate the natural regeneration process. Contributes actively to address and combat wrinkles and age and covers fine lines that appear in the delicate area around the eyes and forehead, above. Gives a uniform effect on the surface of the skin of the face, without dischromies and unsightly scars, while soothes and relieves irritation. Your face tightens and regains its lost elasticity and firmness, with visible results. Signs of fatigue disappear, the appearance of the skin is illuminated and glows. The texture is again smooth and soft and gives you velvet touch.

Ingredients: Argan oil, olive oil, TimeCode (lipoaminoxea anti-aging), aloe vera, shea (Shea Butter), sandalwood seeds, DayMoist (+ Beet Maize), hyaluronic acid, licorice + concentrate licorice, vitamin E, phytosterols, allantoin, provitamin B5 ( panthenol).

The product is dermatologically tested. All the components of which has been prepared is 80% natural origin.
It does not contain petrolatum, mineral oil, silicone, propylenoglykoni and preservatives.

Instructions: Once you have finished cleaning, apply cream as much as you need in your face, avoiding the delicate area around the eyes. The product is indicated for external use only.

Suitable for all skin types.

Contains 50 ml product.

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