MACROVITA Pollen varied flowering 500gr

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MACROVITA Pollen varied flowering 500gr


Pollen is used by bees to their diet as a protein base, as well as the collecting and processing of various kinds of flowers. The pollen is a rich source of active biological substances due to the great variety of plants from which it originates.

Contains: vitamins, protein, flavonoids, mineral salts, amino acids, enzymes, coenzymes and minerals.

Pollen with rich ingredients significantly helps tackle health problems such as: prostate, duodenal ulcer, hepatic disorders, anemia, diabetes, arteriosclerosis and anorexia. It dramatically improves the performance, endurance and overall health status in athletes, students and seniors.

The MACROVITA Pollen varied flowering 500gr Keep refrigerated but not frozen and packed in glass jars.


instructions for use :

Download the product before the main meal of the day. It can be dissolved in fruit juice or in milk, to be added to salads, mixed with honey or unchanged.


Appropriate dosage:

Use a teaspoon as dosing (approximately 7 grams)

The minors: 1 teaspoon

Adults: 1-3 teaspoons

Athletes: 3-6 teaspoons


Content: 500 gr

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