Medical PQ, Octonion Sun Face & Body Lotion Spf30 150ml

Product Sku: 24375

Product information



Octonion Sun Face & Body Lotion Spf30 150ml
Sunscreen emulsion adults & children> 6 years
With Aloe Vera & Vit C, E, F
Moisturizing and anti-aging action
Resistant to water and sweat
Mango fragrance
Dermatologist tested

With delicate and refreshing texture, Octonion Sun spreads easily in the skin without leaving marks. Suitable for all skin types.
Outdoor use
Avoid contact with eyes

Instructions For Use
Before any sun exposure, apply a sufficient amount Octonion Sun. For adult requires about 35ml on the entire surface of the skin. Applying smaller amounts reduce the protection from the sun.
Repeat at regular intervals the application in order to maintain protection from the sun. Despite this, the regular application of the product not prolong your stay in the sun.
It is recommended to use sunscreen emulsion Octonion Sun about 20 minutes before the first sun exposure and allowed the product to be absorbed well.
Repeat using Octonion Sun after swimming, toweling his body with a towel after playing or exercising, even if we are under the umbrella.

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