Natracare Night Pads 10 Pieces

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Women today are conscious of the need to limit their contact with synthetic materials, unnecessary chemicals and additives. The most widely available health pads sold today contain a mixture of pulp polypropylene polyacrylates and plastic bleached with chlorine. For each monthly cycle, it is important to choose a pad made from natural materials. Many gynecologists have advised women with sensitive skin to use Natracare pads to reduce contact with materials that have been bleached with chlorine, and products containing synthetics, latex, synthetic fragrances and petro-chemical derivatives.

Pads Natracare, which contain no chemicals are products of high quality and manufactured only pure and natural materials made from plant cellulose. There have been bleached with chlorine, do not contain rayon, plastics and similar synthetic materials that have a negative impact on our environment. It is comfortable, reliable and available in various forms and absorbency. Regular Natracare pads are narrower in the middle, so easily placed in the outline of the body, while the thin and super-absorbent pads are the same width along their more traditional placement. The Ultra pads with wings are thin pads with the added protection of wings. They are individually wrapped, so you can discreetly carry in your bag.

Packaging: 10 Pieces

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