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Correcting and maintaining the alkalinity of the blood and body fluids .

Special formula with natural ingredients to remove unnecessary acid and maintaining the alkalinity of the blood and body fluids. Each capsule contains: Calcium ( citrate ) 86,1 mg, silicon 50 mg, Magnesium ( citrate ) 42,8 mg, Potassium ( citrate ) 17,6 mg, iron ( citrate ) 1 mg, fennel , chamomile .
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One of the prerequisites for the proper functioning of our body is the balance between acidity and alkalinity in the blood and other body fluids. It seems that this imbalance by accumulating many acids in the body leads to diseases such as osteoporosis , rheumatoid arthritis and gout .
For example , chronic consumption of foods that form acid causes bones to accord with alkaline reacting metals (calcium, magnesium ), in order to neutralize the acids and to maintain the acid - alkaline balance . The bone demineralization this leads to osteoporosis .
Since our blood should be slightly alkaline (pH 7,38 - 7,42), should consume more alkaline rather than acidic foods . Unfortunately , the opposite usually happens . Generally, alkaline foods are vegetables and fruits , while acidic as meat , fish and grains .
Note : A sour food does not mean it is acidic ( ie gives acidic reaction) , because what counts is the final product of the metabolic process . Thus, for example , lemon and other citrus fruits , although sour because the citric acid containing alkali is actually because the weak citric acid forms during digestion citrates that give an alkaline reaction . Instead, the sour cranberry is the minimum fruit are acidic .

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