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Combination melatonin , lactium, theanine and 5 HTP for good sleep throughout the night.

Revolutionary triple action formula for a deep and sound sleep throughout the night. Decapeptides containing casein (50 mg), 5-HTP (25 mg), L- theianini (25 mg) and melatonin (1,5 mg), a base of calming herbs ( chamomile , bee , hops ) and antioxidants ( pomegranate noni, goji, acai, mangosteen) properties .
Precautions : Recommended medical advice for pregnant , nursing , diabetic , suffering from depression , autoimmune diseases and endocrine disorders and those taking antidepressants or other prescription drugs . After downloading , to avoid driving or operating heavy machinery.

The frequent lack of sleep and poor quality negatively affect both our physical and mental abilities , and psychological well-being . An adult needs each day , on average , 8 hours of good sleep to be able to meet its daily obligations and maintain health in good shape . But a really good sleep that relaxes deeply , must be continuous and quite deep . Some people are often late , against their will , to sleep , while others wake up too early or during the night and find it difficult to return to sleep . What is needed is a natural product that helps both at the beginning and the initial phase of sleep , and during the subsequent phases, throughout the course of the night .
The Dreaminol with triple layer , triple action tablet immediately releases melatonin for good sleep onset . Then frees Lactium ® and L- theianini for good sleep for 4-6 hours and finally liberates 5-HTP for good sleep during the last phase . The natural ingredients provide relief from stress and help combat insomnia . Furthermore , it is enriched with herbs , known for their relaxing and ntioxeidotikes properties with ingredients that restore normal sleep process and improve its quality .

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