Nature''s Plus Procreation Male (Strengthening of male fertility) 60V.caps

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Excellent combination of natural ingredients to enhance male fertility

Excellent combination of ingredients to enhance male fertility . With vitamins , minerals , trace elements , amino acids (L- carnitine , L- arginine , etc. ) , enzymes , special herbs (Turmeric etc. ) and antioxidants for healthy hormone function and spermatogenesis , improved quality / sperm motility and increased reproductive success .


Arginine : Strengthens blood circulation in the genital area . Increases production and sperm motility . Improves erection.
Carnitine : Increases the number and motility of spermatozoa . It protects the cell membranes (including sperm ) from oxidation.
Taurine : a precursor for the synthesis of other amino acids. It enhances male fertility by reducing stress, due to the sedative action on the central nervous system .
Pacific Oyster Extract (Crassostrea gigas thunberg): Enhances libido of men. Provides omega -3 fatty acids and zinc , an ingredient necessary for spermatogenesis .
Maca (Lepidium meyenii): Enhances libido . Improves the quality , quantity and motility of sperm. It contributes to the secretion of male hormones . Used in cases of erectile dysfunction .
Turmeric (Curcuma longa): Rich in antioxidants . Improves cardiovascular function .
Antioxidants ( selenium , zinc , etc. ) maintain the integrity of sperm cells , protecting them from the harmful action of free radicals.

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